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2021 Bayview State School - Grade 5

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Sound Waves National 5


Writing Time 5 (Qld Modern Cursive) Student Practice Book


A4 Exercise Book 96pg Writer Premium


A4 7mm Grid Book 48pg Writer Premium


Eraser Large Faber Dust Free 7085


Markers Faber Castell Playsafe 12 Pack


Document Wallet A4 Plastic with button assorted colours


Whiteboard Markers Staedtler 351 Assorted Bullet 4pk


Glue Stick 40g UHU


Highlighters Faber Ice 4pk Yellow, Green, Pink, Blue


Pen InkJoy Medium Blue


Pen InkJoy Medium Red


Pencil HB Goldfaber 1221


Pencils Coloured Micador Colourrush 12's


Copy Paper Ream A4 Australian (Delivered Direct to School)


Tissues Blossom 180's (Delivered Direct to School)


Carry Over Items / Optional Items

Headphones Osmer in-line 3.5mm plug (103)


A5 Soft Mesh Bag for Headset


Pencil Case 35x18cm Polyester (Sub)


Sharpener Maped Shaker 1 Hole with container


Scissors 155mm Osmer Right handed


*or* Scissors 158mm Osmer Left Handed


Ruler 30cm Plastic Clear Osmer


Sound Waves Extended Student Chart




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