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2019 Mt Cotton State School - Grade Prep

This list has been made available for parents who would like to have their booklist packed local.

Also Redland School Zone has the retail shop open from 2nd - 30th January 2019.

Victoria Point State School Hall

Colburn Ave

Victoria Point

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Item Price

Scrapbook Best Buddies Mega 64p (Premium)


A4 25mm Ruled Exercise Book Writer Premium


Pencils Faber Tri-Colour 12's (Thin)


Crayons Micador Twistaz Jumbo 12's


Whiteboard Marker Staedtler 351 Black Bullet Tip


Oil Pastels, Micador 12's


Markers Faber Castell Playsafe 12 Pack


Pencil HB Faber Triangular Junior Grip


Pencil HB Goldfaber 1221


Pencil Case Micador Tartan 375x264mm 2zip


Whiteboard Eraser Large Osmer


Glue, Bostik 35g BLU Stick


Headphones Shintaro Stereo (102) Microphone


A4 Coloured Paper 250 sheet (1/2 ream)


Copy Paper Ream A4 Australian ~~In Pack~~


Tissues Large Box ~~In Pack~~




I am happy with the quantities I have entered above.