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2019 Victoria Point State School - Grade Prep

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Reading Mastery Signature Edition Language (k) Workbook A/B


Reading Mastery Signature Edition Language (k) Workbook C/D


Storey Book 24mm Ruled Baseline Writer Yellow 'Drill'


My School Scrapbook Yellow (1/2 page baselines)


Coloured paper A4 Ass Colours 100 pk (Delivered direct to School)


Small Mapping Book - Olympic


Scrap Book 72pg 70gsm (Blue) Writer Premium


A4 Clipboard Folder PVC


A4 Jewel Display Book 30pkt BRIGHT GREEN [Must be green and 30 pockets please]


Crayons Micador Twistaz Jumbo 12's


Glue Stick 40g Osmer White


Markers Faber Castell Playsafe 12 Pack


Pencil 2B Faber Castell Junior Grip Triangular


Reading Satchel Blue (Spartan)


Scissors Safety 177mm Plastic Handle


Copy Paper Ream A4 Australian (Delivered Direct to School)


Tissues Blossom 180's (Delivered Direct to School)




I am happy with the quantities I have entered above.