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Q: Do I have to Pay for my Bookpack Order Now?
A:No! You may choose to pay on Collection in January. (Choose your payment method at checkout) But still place your order to secure your cheap pricing and have the booklists prepared for you.

Q: What Payment Options do you provide?
A: We offer a range of payment options to suit your needs. These include Credit Card, Direct Deposit, Cheque, Eftpos & Cash (In-store) We also offer Lay-by to assist with budgeting.

Q: Is your Web Ordering & Payments Secure?
A: Yes. Our site is hosted on a secure server (https) and our credit card payment section hosted by a Secure Stripe Payment Portal.

Q: Can I make my payment in person?
A: Yes, Please complete your order on-line and visit our Newsagency 'Lakeside News & Tobacconist  Victoria Point' with your print out.

Q: Where and When can I Pick Up my booklist from in January?
A: This Year we will be operating our Back to School Pickups (During January) from the Redlands Rugby Leagues Club (Pinklands)  226 Cleveland-Redland Bay Road Thornlands

Q: When will this Back to School Shop be Open?
A: This Shop will be open from Monday  January 2nd - Thursday January 28th. Operating Hours will be 9:00am - 5:00pm Monday - Friday, 9.00am - 1.00pm Saturdays.

Closed Sundays and Public Holidays

Q: I did not place an order as we did not know if my husband's promotion would come through.
A: PLEASE place your order, assume you will be at your current school, we only ask as soon as you know you will be moving schools LET US KNOW.

Q: I may be changing schools but have not yet made up our mind?
A: PLEASE place your order, assume you will be at your current school, we only ask as soon as you know you will be moving schools LET US KNOW.

Q: My Son received Pink Items in his bookpack, Can I have the colours changed?
A: We try our best not to put pink into Boys packs but sometimes this is done in error. Please simply bring the item in and we will exchange it for a more suitable colour. (Please note that some items may only come in 1 colour)

Q: What does my Credit Card Statement Show for my booklists purchase?
A: Payments Made on-line or at our Back to school shop will show the purchase being made from 'Redlands School Zone' If you make your payment in-store at Lucky@Lakeside Victoria Point then this will Show on your Statement.

Q: Every Year my child brings home heaps of stuff so I did not place an order.
A: Please contact your child's teacher or visit your child's class room and note items that can be reused and remove from your order. (Note that we separate calculators, Dictionaries etc into our carry over items section, therefore you should only need to check consumables)

Q: I just found my child's book list in their bag when cleaning up, and have missed the closing date. How can I purchase my needs? Can I place a Late Order?
A: No orders after the due date, however we are operating a retail shop at the Redlands Rugby League Club (Pinklands) 226 Cleveland-Redland Bay Road Thornlands from Monday 4th January until Saturday the  28th January, the Late Order Pricing will apply for these orders.
No Sunday or Public Holiday trading

Q: Will I get a Phone call to advise me my order is ready?
A: No. We can not call as we pack approx 7000 book packs during this time. All Pickups will be available in January for collection from Redlands Rugby League Club (Pinklands) 226 Cleveland-Redland Bay Road Thornlands.  Please refer to your information sheet received with your booklist for variations to this for your school. (Delivery Orders will be delivered as per the instructions on your info sheet)

Q: Can I Order Contact & Labels for my Books with my bookpack?
A: Yes, Book coverings, Labels & Marking Pens as optional items at the bottom of your order form. By Adding these to your order, you will receive them inside you bookpack. Pattern & Licensed Book covering and Labels will be available from our Back to school shop in January.

Q: The Booklists states that On-Time prices And Late Prices, why is that and what can I expect?
A: Our Booklists Prices are Based on Bulk ordering which gives us better buying prices. By Placing your order ontime we can be prepared to cater for demands adequately and pack the orders in bulk which is a much quicker process. Late orders take longer to pack and we don't always recieve the bulk discount pricing please get charged Higher delivery fees for smaller orders.

Q: How can I avoid the Higher Prices?
A: Place your order before the On-Time order date pasees. Remember you can pay for your order when you pick it up in January. By simply placing your order on-time, you secure the on-time pricing listed on your booklist.

Questions not answered? Please Contact Us with your question.